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Benjamin Palmer
Sports Journalism Project – PlacementBuckie

“I have absolutely loved being a part of the Opportunity Enhancement Trust team of reporters and have covered a range of sides working on games from the Highland League to the SPFL Premiership.

I have been given a great deal of support and that has helped me to develop from an online reporter to one that has been published in The Times at the age of 16.

The Sports Journalism Project helps to lay the fundamental requirements for a future not only in journalism but also in many other career paths. My writing skills have improved through this opportunity and I have also learned some key life lessons, whether that be how to communicate with others in a professional manner or even how to use a wide range of IT products well.
These skills are applicable in all walks of life and without them I personally wouldn’t feel as well rounded a person. OET has laid the foundations for what I hope to be a successful career in sports journalism.

My school grades have also developed well thanks to the experience of dealing with a time pressured environment where it is important to learn how to think on your feet as well as being organised and remaining calm.

Above all I am getting to dramatically improve my future prospects by simply doing something I enjoy, watching football!”

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