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Digital Skills Through Football

 What is this course?

Students are introduced to using the internet, searching for online content, setting up an email account and learning how to use social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook. 

Microsoft Word and MS Excel are taught so that students can present their match reports and data in an appealing way. Students will then be shown how to submit their reports via email, post them on to a website and will utilise their social media accounts to convey the live match information.

Bespoke app technology is also used to cover live matches and collect statistical data. Students will use smartphones to download and utilise this and other applications. In all cases tutors will highlight what behaviour is appropriate and safe with regards to the use of these devices – whether privately or in a professional situation.

Throughout the course the industry relevance of football stats and match reports are highlighted and examples from different media (e.g. print, online) are discussed.


What does it involve?

This course contains a mixture of group discussions, class based teaching and on the spot practical work at football clubs, all of which is designed to help the student achieve the
Core Skill: Information and Communication Technology.   

Communication – spoken and written; one-to-one and in small groups. To report on information the student has gathered.

Numeracy – the ability to understand the use of number-based information in the form of tables and charts and to keep simple records in a number-based way, such as the number of goals scored by a team or player over a period of time.

ICT – the student will learn to use computer-based systems to record, store and communicate information by means of computers, tablets, smart phones etc. This will include setting up and maintaining email and social media accounts; writing match reports in MS Word, uploading them to websites and emailing them to a relevant address; recording and presenting statistics using MS Excel; downloading apps to mobile devices and using these apps to collect and circulate information.

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