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Core Skills Through Football

 What is this course?

Core skills through football
exists to help people with some interest in football – at any level – to use that interest to develop skills that are useful in both further education and the world of employment. It provides the opportunity to gain a certificate at levels 2, 3, or 4. The level of certificate awarded depends entirely on how well you perform over your time on the course.

It is not about making you a better football player – you do not need to be able to play the game to complete the course.

What do I need to get onto this course?

An interest in football is all you need. The course will make no assumptions about your skills in writing, maths etc, but will start at the level that you are able to cope with and take you as far as you feel you can go.

Please remember though, that the course is intended to help you gain the core skills needed for employment or further education rather than developing more knowledge and understanding of the game, although that may be another benefit of the course.

What does it involve?

This course contains a mixture of group discussions and class based teaching, which is designed to help you achieve the following five core skills:

Communication – spoken and written; one to one and in small groups. To report on information you have gathered.

Numeracy – the ability to understand the use of number-based information in the form of tables and charts and to keep simple records in a number-based way, such as the number of goals scored by a team or player over a period of time.

ICT – you will be helped to use computer-based systems to record, store and communicate information by means of computers, tablets, smart phones etc.

Working with others – being able to operate as part of a team is just as important in the world of work and education, as it is in football itself. This course will focus on teamwork skills throughout.

Problem Solvingstudents will face situations they are not familiar with. Developing problem solving strategies can help achieve both individual and team goals.

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