Opportunity Enhancement Trust


Enhance, learn and achieve with our courses

The Opportunity Enhancement Trust is a charity founded in the North East of Scotland. We focus on developing programmes that improve how individuals are supported and encouraged at national, regional and local levels as they seek to achieve their fullest potential. We believe that by combining the opportunity to participate in personal interests, such as sports or music, with educational and vocational outcomes we can help motivate current and future generations to be all they can be.

Programmes for all ages in all locations

We aim to help people find a satisfaction in life, to find their own level of success, and to make a positive contribution to the wider society. In order to achieve our goal we have created a dual pathway system. This consists of an Educational – Vocational Pathway and a Participation Pathway. We encourage personal development and progression through activities that are of interest to the individual (ie Sport/Football) and seek to harness the benefits of this participation to maximise what can be achieved both at school and work. You can check out our coursesĀ here.